Mobile Media

Content to Go



The current thinking for mobile strategies is to have the user take the content with them on the go. This maximizes the uptake of the marketing viewer-ship.

 E-Port works with Web-Apps, & downloadable Apps for the top mobile OS platforms. Additional features include downloading info/brochures, plus QR-links to media/sites. E-Port can help implement an entire QR-campaign and manage both your content & user traffic.


Mobile Strategies:

These two mobile-marketing features not only allow a greater spread of your marketing content beyond your static display advertising, but more significantly invoke ‘user-engagement’ and therefore increased likelihood of content-uptake by consumers.

Mobile-Window-front Marketing: SmartCandy™

E-Port can provide a new powerful ally to marketing your storefront or your in-store propositions.
Create a mobile-interactive call-2-action for mobile users to interact with.
Create storefront ‘loyalty’. Extend your storefront reach with our web-app to post your own special content & offers.

Mobile ‘Remote-Control’ Interactive:

Imagine enabling the public to use their own mobile devices to ‘remote-control’ the program running on your digital screens, without no need for a touch-screen?

No Extra hardware! No changes to Existing Hardware!

Now enable a rich interactive involvement for mobile users, well beyond a simple passive view-only experience.