Days Inn Vancouver

Picture of Days Inn Interactive Demo

Days Inn Interactive Demo

E-Port Interactive Media and Travel Vu installed a 46” touch interactive display in Days Inn at 921 West Pender, Vancouver BC for a 30 day trial. View Days Inn Interactive Demo of this installation. (opens in new window) The goals of the 30 day trial were to test user engagement of the various offerings on the interactive program and to assist the desk staff and act as a digital concierge for Days Inn guests. E-Port collects “touches”, so that we can track what screens, ads and apps were touched and how often. We also track QR Code scans and text messages that allow for the user to take away information from the screen onto their mobile device. The 30 day trial gleaned excellent results in terms of data collected showing user engagement as very high. Options available for the public to engage with on the Days Inn screen:
  1. Showcase of major attractions in Vancouver with the ability to take away each attraction’s website or web app onto the guest’s mobile phone by way of QR Code scan or text message.
  2. Ability to accommodate paid advertising specific to the neighbourhood of the Hotel
  3. Popular spots near the hotel that the front desk staff are asked about most often
  4. Live YVR departures and Arrivals
  5. Live weather forecast
  6. Web apps help guests find local food trucks and travel experiences on Vancouver Island
  7. An interactive Map shows all the attractions, advertisers, etc ., are in relation to the Hotel
  8. BC Ferries departures and arrivals
  9. Ability to arrange for a taxi pick up
The results of the trial were very positive.  The guests at Days Inn love using the interactive display and the management and staff herald it as a perfect add-on to their busy lobby allowing guests to browse local spots, attractions etc. Days Inn will keep the display