Facial Biometric Kiosk

Temperature Measurement Kiosks with Facial Recognition Industry-leading, automated personnel check-in station.


And Instill Confidence!

The Face Scanner Kiosk is an effective add-on to all your COVID security management efforts. This unique ’Biometric’ device is a fully automated sentry station that provides Instant Temperature Readings, Face Mask Detection and Facial Recognition combined in a small form factor

  • 8” Android Display w/ built-in
  • LED & IR dual photoflood light
  • Face Recognition library 30,000/day
  • Adjustable Temp Alarm Setting
  • Temperature accuracy ≤ ± 0.5 C°
  • Wall mount, Tabletop or Freestanding
  • RFID Reader option
  • Hand Sanitizer Dispenser option


  • Non-contact, fully automated kiosk
  • Detects temperature of user standing in front of device
  • Reads temperature in ~ 1 second
  • Set your own acceptable temperature thresholds
  • Integrate with gates, turnstiles and door access
  • Verbal warning/success message plus LED traffic light system
  • Optional facial recognition to allow entry for vetted individuals

In-Field Applications:

  • Hospitals, Healthcare, Nursing Homes
  • Office Buildings
  • Warehouse
  • Manufacturing
  • Grocery Stores
  • Airports/ Transportation
  • Convenience Stores
  • Banks
  • Drug Stores & Pharmacies
  • Mail Service & Packaging
  • Fast Casual Restaurants/ QSR
  • Fitness Facilities

Smart Facial-Recognition:

  • The Face Temp detection works from up to 3’ away
  • Industrial-grade binocular wide dynamic camera, night infrared
  • LED dual photo flood-lamp
  • Face recognition pass speed is ~ 1 second
  • Database capacity for 30,000 faces/day
  • Supports recognition and comparison of faces with surgical masks
  • The 1: 1 comparison recognition rate is > 99.7%,
  • 1: N comparison recognition rate is > 96.7% at a 0.1% mis-recognition r a t e
  • Live detection accuracy rate is 98.3% at a 1% mis-rejection rate

A Total Platform: A Networked System Including ‘Front-end’ & ‘Back-end’ Accounting

Each unit comes with it’s own access to a convenient ‘back-end’ traffic & data-capture accounting page that allows you to group & present data in various ways so you can analyze your traffic. All data can be exported to standard accounting spreadsheet formats.


FDA greenlights telethermographic systems’ use for COVID-19 triage

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Can also be used in Airports: