Window Front

Window Front

Smart-touchTM LCD-Based ‘Thru-Touch’

The Smart-touch LCD is your ideal all-around compact window-front marketing system for small to medium sizes, being bright, and operationally efficient.

As well, this versatile system can be used in conjunction with ‘framing’ decals to take on a variety of formats, as your unique ‘Face-to-the-World’.

Smart Touch Projection

Looking for storefront ‘Wow-factor’?

This unique interactive-projection technology clings snugly on the inside of your window and enables a large ultra-thin touch-screen area for your public to interact with. Since projections are generally much larger than LCDs, and have a unique ‘floating’ look, they’re ideal for windows with a large area to fill.

Optical Infra-Red (IR) Touch-frames

Upgrade your display assets & Go Interactive!

With these compact low-profile Infra-red touch frames, you can convert any monitor or TV into a touch-interactive display.

  • Quick & Easy to install
  • Custom cut to any monitor size