Free-Standing and Wall Mount


In the shape of a giant Smart Phone, these attractive displays have a 45″ large touch screen that has major WOW factor and visual draw of the dynamic content on the screen.

Used in retail environments they allow for customer Interaction to view products like never before. Used in a trade show environment, delegates can interact with product showcases and much more.

Smart Tab

These versatile attractive displays come with a customizable graphic panel to create a unique call to action. The iPad is securely positioned and theft proof.

Marquee Touch Sign

One of E-Port’s signature models, this display has a 17″ touch screen and an area for a back-lit poster and header for branding recognition and call to action.


These are the latest interactive touch-media from E-Port. With a clean museum-styled look, these new touch-signs boast screens sizes ranging from 32″ – 46″ inches.

You can be sure that your public will notice you, and want to touch your new face to the public!