Why We Do It

Why Should You Be Employing Touch-Interactive Marketing
in Your Campaigns?

The world has gone interactive! You need to as well.

The ‘New Consumer’ is Way Ahead of You!

The proliferation of Smart-mobile devices, the uptake of Apps, QR-codes, and everything else out there, has bred a new type of media consumer.

For the first time ever, the new tech-savvy mobile consumer
actually knows more about what can be done, and what to expect than most

That should worry you…

If you’re not deploying some sort of interactive-touch-media as part of your in-store or onsite strategy, your ‘static’ content/messages will become more & more irrelevant.

Let E-Port help maximize your opportunities to capture precious interactions with the Smartphone crowd, Plus position your content for uptake by all your regular onsite customers as well.

Marrying Onsite with Mobile

The new strategies involve tying onsite traffic to mobile consumer habits.

Given that all relevant consumer traffic is ‘out there’ onsite, while sampling the world through their mobile devices, it makes sense to accommodate users on these two-fronts;

  • Onsite User-Engagement Interactivity
  • Mobile Engagement-Follow-Through

Put Your Content at Their Fingertips,
Then Let Them Take it With Them on the Go!