Wave Presentation Centre


Wave Living Presentation Centre was promoting a new condo hi-rise, and needed a sophisticated hi-tech way to present all the benefits & features of all the various styles of condo floor-plans to upwards of 700 people per day.

In addition, the designer didn’t want the ‘tech’ nature of the displays to interfere with the overall look and feel of the centre.



First, E-Port created a unique Touch-Interactive-floor plan system with selectable layers, where different information could be accessed on the same screen.

Next, E-Port designed and installed 10 x 60″ custom wall-mount LCDs.

Each representing a style of floor-plan, with working features such as;  visuals, animated layers, Plus a virtual 360-degree panoramic view, providing seamless views around the building from any floor.

In addition, a special projected-capacitive film was used to enable touch-interactivity, and was integrated behind the centre’s stylized veneers, so that there would be no ‘seams’ or obvious tech visible, only the displays themselves.


The 10-unit system integrated well into the overall design of the presentation centre, having a fresh clean look, while allowing thousands of people to peruse all the condo options quickly and easily.